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Dear Property Owner.

Let me thank you for making an enquiry with us. At the end of this page you will find a Downer & Co Landlords Guide I do hope that you take the time to have a read through the guide. It will take you through the letting process from start to finish but if you have a question please pick up the phone to give me a call anytime.

Downer & Co have been in Newbury since 1988. We have been helping Landlords, Tenants, Vendors and Purchasers aspire to, and achieve, their dreams. I believe being local is key to both Landlords and Tenants. Landlords especially are looking to create relationships with local property people and I feel nothing beats a local property manager who can provide a full end-to-end and personal service, understands the landlord’s property and the tenants, can keep their finger on the pulse in terms of new investment opportunities and can provide advice, and project management of future improvements in line with market trends.

I also believe that the landlords of West Berkshire rental properties are making positive contributions to Newbury and the people of West Berkshire. I have two rental properties myself and even though there have been monumental changes to the industry I do intend to purchase more.  One of the things I like is the tactile nature of property; the fact that you can touch the bricks and mortar. I am uncomfortable about intangible investments such as Crypto currencies and whilst the FTSE has performed well over the past 20 years there is still always that uncertainty of waking up one morning to find Nick Leeson has literally wiped away your life savings!

It is widely recognised that the residential sales market will decrease over the coming years with the overall shift in supply and demand of housing stock being taken up by the private residential letting sector. The perceived stigma of renting is no longer the case, as it seems that the British are now beginning to accept a lifetime of renting. This is a very important consideration for both Newbury homeowners and Newbury landlords as it will transform the way the Newbury property ladder looks in the future

The National Housing Federation described housing supply as ‘in crisis’… ‘More people are locked out of buying property and there’s a lack of money in social housing and it’s now much harder to get a mortgage’. Interestingly, 7 out of 8 renters polled by the Halifax (86% to be exact) refuse to sacrifice the quality of accommodation they currently live in to reduce the amount of rent they pay to save for a deposit. This is the crux and the real reason why people aren’t buying but renting… and why demand for renting will continue to grow in the future 

This situation represents a fundamental shift towards a rental population. For many, renting property is now the only option. Without any social pressure and better-quality rental properties compared to a decade ago, we will become a nation of renters within the next generation, as the UK is becoming more like Europe, where renting is ‘the norm’. Who is going to supply all these properties to rent? Landlords! 

At Downer & Co we understand this shift and are actively helping our current and new landlords building profitable, long term secure investments and portfolios. If it is a one-off purchase or multiple acquisitions, we can give you knowledgeable advice on any aspect of the residential lettings market.

It is very much a balancing act of yield, capital growth and void periods when considering letting in this area. Every landlord’s investment strategy is unique to them. If you would like a fresh pair of eyes to look at your portfolio, be you a private landlord that doesn’t use a letting agent or a landlord that uses one of my competitors – then feel free to drop in and let’s have a chat. What have you got to lose? 30 minutes and my tea making skills are good! Oh, and before we meet, you can also follow my blog at


Lee Fenn-Tripp (MARLA)



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