New to Buy-To-Let Investment

Tips for being a successful Landlord

Downer & Co have been operating in the Newbury area since 1988 and we have been fortunate to have seen an explosion in the rental market throughout the town and of course the wider UK.

We are often approached by entrepreneurial investors and first time landlords all asking the same questions. Should I buy in Newbury, where should I buy, what would my yield be, flat or house?

The bottom line is that as the population grows there aren’t enough properties being built for everyone to have a roof over their head. Rogue landlords need to be put out of business, whilst tenants should expect a more regulated rental market where they can rely on good landlords providing them high standards in their safe and modernised home. As in Europe, where many people rent rather than buy what most people want is a clean home at a reasonable price.

There are of course areas in Newbury  that have historically performed well and depending on your target audience you probably wouldn’t buy a two bed fully furnished flat in the countryside if you want to rent, long term, to a family with children. The simple answer is do your research. Come and speak to us.

Before you pick up the phone or pop in, here are just a few things to get you started.


1: Download the Downer & Co Buy To Let Guide. This is jam-packed with good advice, tips and tricks on everything from viewing the right properties to arranging finance and picking the right tenant.

2: Read the Downer & Co/Newbury Property News blog.  An incredible resource written specifically for our town.  This can be found at We have been writing it for some months now. It currently has over 100 articles on the property market in Newbury and is a straightforward and factual service to anyone who may be interested.

3: Pop into our office and have a chat with one of the senior members of the team. We are always here to help and our experience will guide you through the process.

4: Get professional help. You may have read plenty of blogs and online journals but there really is no substitute for a professional in Landlord and Tenant relationships backed by a team who are members of the RICS and ARLA.

5: Treat your investment as a business and not a home. What system do you have in place to manage maintenance requests if you’re out-of-town or on vacation? Are you setting aside 10% of your rental income for repairs? Do you need to install that high end £20,000 kitchen? Who will be living in the property..?

6: View plenty of properties. It goes without saying that you should go and see plenty of properties before purchasing but remember point 5 aboveThe Victorian house with ‘potential’ may not be a good buy (they take a lot of work)….

7: Keep your tenant happy. It’s a LOT cheaper to retain a tenant than to find a new one. Fix repairs promptly, keep the property in good shape, treat your tenants with respect, and you’ll see less turnover and more cash flow.

8: Get the right insurance.  You can insure for most things but make sure you have the maximum amount of rental insurance, property liability insurance, and any other type of insurance required

For advice on how you can take advantage of these market developments and benefit from long-term profits and returns in the rental sector, please contact us

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